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Privacy Lattice

Privacy Lattice available in various sizes.

Multi-Purpose Compost 60ltr

60ltr Multi- Purpose Compost

Sales price: £5.00

Top Soil 20L

20L bag. Soil screened to remove stones and other material

Sales price: £3.75


Grow bag

Sales price: £2.75


Hosta Shrub

Multi Purpose Compost 40Ltr

40Ltr Multi-Purpose Compost

Sales price: £3.95

Farmyard Manure

50Ltr Farmyard Manure

Sales price: £4.75

Seeding Sow Compost

John Innes Seed Sowing Compost 35Ltr

Sales price: £4.00

100Ltr Multi-Purpose Compost

100Ltr Multi- Purpose Compost

Sales price: £9.00

Half Whisky Barrel

Half Whisky Barrel

Sales price: £27.50