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Christmas Tree Guide

Which Christmas Tree To Choose?

Firstly, before considering what type of Tree to buy ensure you know how much space you have in your home (and car) for it. 

Buying a Tree which is too large is a common mistake, you also need to consider the height of any decorations you want to put on top of the Tree and the size of your pot/stand.

 Don't forget about the width of the Tree. It's not uncommon for people to find out after the Tree is done that the branches block the TV.

Varieties Available

Nordmann Fir

  • Currently the bestselling Tree in the UK
  • Exceptional needle retention, suitable for people who want to put their tree up early
  • Soft waxy needles, ideal for children and those with allergies
  • Very lightly scented
  • Symmetrical in shape

Fraser Fir

  • America’s most popular tree
  • Silvery-green bushy foliage
  • Very soft needles and good needle retention (if kept well watered)
  • Sweet citrus scent
  • Angle of branches makes it easy to decorate


Scots Pine (Potted only)

  • The UK's only native pine tree
  • Classic cone shape and lush deep green branches
  • Excellent needle retention 
  • Strong, robust branches


Pot Grown Or Cut?

The main benefit of a pot grown Christmas Tree is that it can be kept and re-used or planted in your garden.  While they will not live forever in a pot, if the pot size is increased regularly then the tree will be happy for a number of years.  Re-potting should be done every 1-2 years, ideally at the start of spring and into a pot with a diameter 10cm wider.

How To Care For Your Cut Tree

Before you take it into your house, cut approx. 1 inch of the base to aid water intake.  If you are not planning on decorating it straight away then be sure to keep it somewhere cool and dry (but keep its base in water).  Do not put cut trees in sand or soil as they can suffocate.  Make sure you keep topping up the water, a large tree can go through 1-2 litres a day.  Either use plain tap water or, dissolve a spoonful of sugar into the water - nothing else is needed. Use a specially designed tree stand or a pot/bucket filled with stones to provide stability.  If possible, keep your tree away from all sources of heat.

How To Dispose Of Your Cut Tree

Check with your Council or local social media for any uplift or disposal services.  Trees can be taken free of charge to any Council run recycling centre (Polmaise, Callander etc).

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