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Provanto Smart Bug Killer 1ltr

Provanto Smart Bug Killer 1ltr
Sales price £5.99

Provanto Smart Bug Killer is the only insecticide in the UK which uses the new and unique formulation of a Butanolide, that works by preventing a very specific part of an insect’s nervous system from working, so they are no longer able to feed on your plants.

The specific part of the nervous system that is targeted is unique to the pests you are trying to control, such as aphids (greenfly and blackfly), whitefly, leafhoppers, and scale insects, therefore risk to non-target and beneficial insects is significantly reduced.

Provanto® Smart Bug Killer works on contact with pests, as well as systemically within the plant. Meaning that it will continue to prevent insects from feeding on plants for up to 8 weeks.