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Pot Grown Fraser Fir Christmas Tree

Pot Grown Fraser Fir Christmas Tree
Fraser Fir

Height 125 - 150cm - £54.95

Our Fraser Fir have been grown in Scotland.

The most popular Christmas tree in America, the Fraser Fir is rapidly gaining popularity here in the UK.

Beloved for it’s gorgeous silvery-green, bushy foliage and incredibly soft needles.  It also has good needle retention, as long as it is kept well-watered.

The Fraser Fir has the most beautiful, sweet citrus scent which does not fade.

The branches of the Fraser Fir are thick, strong and angled upward which allows for easy decoration and, ensures even the heaviest baubles will be secure.

As this tree is sold in a pot (rather than cut) it is the ideal choice for sustainability, once Christmas is over you can plant it in your garden.  Purchasing a potted tree is also much kinder to the environment and leaves a much lower carbon footprint than the alternatives.

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