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Composted Bark (Bulk Bag)

Composted Bark (Bulk Bag)
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We sell Composted Bark in bulk bags and loose (for collection) by the cubic meter (m3).

Our Composted Bark is a fine grade Bark with a particle size of 0-12mm.  It is peat-free and rich in organic matter.

When used as a mulch around trees and shrubs it helps retain moisture, supress weeds, regulates soil temperature and enhances soil fertility.

It can also be used as a soil conditioner which improves the soil structure.

How much Bark do you need?

As a guide, one cubic meter (1 m3) of bark will cover an area of ten square meters (10 m2) at a depth of 4 inches or, 20 square meters (20 m2) at a depth of 2 inches. The larger the particle size of the bark, the deeper it should be laid.  Medium grade and play bark/chip should be laid approx. 4 inches where finer mulched/composted bark should be laid approx. 2 inches.