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Gravel is suitable for Mixing with Concrete Sand to make concrete, or Straight onto Driveways, Paths or around porous drainage piping.


All Decorative Gravels also available in 25kg Bags 

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Gravel & Aggregates

20mm Flamingo Gravel (Bulk)

Flamingo Gravel 20mm Bulk Bag

Sales price: £140.00

Ballast (Bulk Bag)

Ballast (Bulk Bag)

Sales price: £50.00

Black Ice Gravel 20mm

Black Ice Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Building Sand (25kg Bag)

Building Sand (25kg Bag)

Sales price: £2.75

Building Sand (Bulk Bag)

Building Sand Bulk Bag

Sales price: £55.00

Cotswold Cream (BULK BAG)

Cotswold Cream 20mm Bulk Bag

Sales price: £104.00

Golden Quartz Gravel 10mm

Golden Quartz Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Sales price: £132.00

Golden Quartz [Loose]

Very decorative, clean and fresh.

Sales price: £127.00

Green Slate 20mm

Green Slate 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Grey Granite

Grey Granite Bulk Bag 20mm

Grey Whin 20mm

Grey Whin 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Horticultural Grit

Horticultural/Potting Grit- ( Fine ) Around 6mm- 20kg Bag

Sales price: £7.00

Ice Blue Gravel 20mm

Ice Blue Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Leadmore Marble Gravel 20mm

Leadmore Marble Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Moreland Black Gravel 20mm

Moreland Black Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Ocean Pebbles 20mm

Ocean Pebbles 20mm Bulk Bag

Sales price: £108.00

Onyx Gravel 20mm

Onyx Gravel 20mm (Bulk Bag)

Plain Gravel 10mm (25kg Bag)

Plain Gravel 10mm (25kg Bag)

Sales price: £2.75
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