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Basil Seeds - Devotion

Basil Seeds - Devotion
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Average pack contents 100 seeds

After a long wait, a downy mildew-resistant basil with large leaves has arrived and can be grown on your plot anytime soon! With the culmination of years worth of work at Rutgers University in New York, they have managed to breed a basil that is downy mildew resistant. Strong downy mildew resistance allows this basil to be grown anywhere, from pots and windowsills to greenhouse borders and patios.

This is a huge step forward, as producing a Genovese type with a compact, but highly productive plant habit is hard to come by! On this variety, the leaves are large, cupped, and medium green and let off a sweet and spicy aroma. For home-cooking, Basil 'Devotion' is perfect for a summer salad, garnished in soups or infused into pasta and stir-fries. 45-50cm tall, 20-30cm wide.