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Beetroot Seeds - F1 Bolder

Beetroot Seeds - F1 Bolder
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Average Packet Content 175 seeds.

A superb elongated round golden beet, with sweet, juicy yellow flesh. Ideal for salads or for juicing. And, unlike red types, there's no danger of staining.

For container growing sow thinly directly into the compost. For raised beds try sowing in 30cm (12") squares spacing a few seeds every 7.5 cm (3"), 1.3cm (½") deep. Germination 10 –14 days. As the seedlings emerge remove spare seedlings to leave one per station, finally leaving 9 plants per square. Alternatively sow in rows 30cm (12") apart, thinning seedlings by degrees to 7.5cm (3"). Sowing - Cropping: 10-12 weeks.