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Cabbage (Collard) Seeds - F1 Sweetie

Cabbage (Collard) Seeds - F1 Sweetie
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Average Packet Content 25 seeds

A modern hybrid version of popular Victorian vegetable that's extremely nutritious and has a long harvesting period. Its sweet, juicy flesh is so healthy, and ideal for juicing and drinking. In a school trial, the pupils loved it!


For early crops, sow 1cm (½") deep in trays of quality, moist compost in March. Germination 7-12 days. Transfer seedlings into 7.5cm (3") pots and grow on. Plant out 61cm (24") apart either way, when plants have three true leaves. For outdoor sowing, sow thinly into a well-prepared, moist, weed-free seed bed. Thin the resulting seedlings if necessary and grow on. When large enough to handle, separate plants gently with a trowel and plant out, firming in and watering. Start to pick leaves as required when plants are established. Sowing - Cropping: 12-14 weeks.