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Chinese Cabbage Seeds - F1 Natsuki

Chinese Cabbage Seeds - F1 Natsuki
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Average Packet Content 35 seeds

Perfect for use as a mini Chinese cabbage in stir-fries, or leave it to develop fully for use as a normal cabbage. Dark green outer leaves with pale succulent centre. 150-200g heads. High in vitamins A, C and iron. Harvest in 35-45 days for mini-heads, 55 days for full size heads. Harvest June-October.

Sow thinly into a finely raked, moist, weed-free soil at a depth of 13mm (½") in rows 38cm (15") apart. Germination 7-12 days. Thin by degrees to 30cm (12") between plants. Alternatively sow in blocks in raised beds/garden. Sowing to Cropping: 5-8 weeks.