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Carrot Seeds - St. Valery

Carrot Seeds - St. Valery
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Average Packet Contents 1100 seeds

A well-known, reliable maincrop carrot producing long, tapering roots. Excellent for late summer eating or storing for winter use. A good choice as well for the large carrot class in the village show. 120 days from sowing to harvest (taken from our own trials and may vary in different areas).

Click Here to See More Growing Information on Carrot St. Valery SeedsSow thinly direct into finely raked, moist, warm soil at a depth of 13mm (½") in rows about 30cm (12") apart (Germination 15-20 days). For table use, carefully thin the seedlings to 50-75mm (2-3") between plants. If roots are required for exhibition, wider spacing is recommended. Carrots grow best in a sunny position in soil not recently manured. Sowing - cropping: 20-22 weeks.Late crops may be stored in sand until required.