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Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5

Carrot Seeds - Early Nantes 5
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Average Packet Contents 1100 seeds

A well established popular variety and suberb tasting. Ideal for successional sowing in frames or under cloches for early roots. Suitable for salads, cooking or freezing. 84 days from sowing to harvest (may vary in different areas).

Sow thinly direct into finely raked, moist, warm soil at a depth of 13mm (½") in rows about 15cm (6") apart. Germination 15-20 days. Pull small carrots for salad use. For larger roots thin the seedlings to 38-50mm (1½-2") between plants. Can also be sown in February in frames or under cloches for early roots. Carrots grow best in a sunny position in well cultivated soil which has not recently been manured. To prevent Carrot Fly damage erect a barrier of horticultural fleece to surround the crop. Sowing - cropping: 12-14 weeks.