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Cauliflower Seeds - F1 Multi-Headed

Cauliflower Seeds - F1 Multi-Headed
Sales price £3.99

Packet Content 10 seeds

The Multi Headed Cauliflower produces one large head and 3-5 side heads for later use. This unique ‘cut and come again’ cauliflower means you can harvest the main head for that family dinner and keep the side heads to harvest as and when needed. 

Using a good quality compost, sow seeds in a propagator covering with 6mm of compost. Leave on a warm windowsill or in a greenhouse at around 18-21º. Germination 10-14 days. Transfer seedlings to individual pots (7.5cm) and grow on in a warm and light position. After the last frost plant out at 60cm intervals or into large containers filled with good quality compost. Alternatively, sow direct into a well-prepared seedbed. Grows best in well-firmed soil with manure added the previous autumn.