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Chilli Seeds - F1 Longhorn

Chilli Seeds - F1 Longhorn
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Packet Content 12 seeds

The Longhorn is a long chilli (15-25cm) with a distinct 'curl' at the end. A cayenne variety, plants will yield copious amounts of spicy fruits. These chillies can withstand intense heat/sun without damage to the fruit. Seriously productive 100cm plants may need a little support with the weight of all the fruit.

Harvesting from July through to October, plants will reach heights 91-100cm (36-39"); spread 61-70cm (24-28"). The Longhorn weighs in at an impressive 15-20,000 SHU, so if you prefer chillies with flavour and not much heat, then this variety is perfect!

Chilli plants can be grown on a patio or in a greenhouse, the must-have addition to any vegetable garden or allotment.