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Kale Seeds - Frost Byte F1

Kale Seeds - Frost Byte F1
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Packet Content 20 seeds

Kale 'Frost Byte F1' is an attractive edible kale that is greatly ornamental. The crops develop textured and ruffled leaves that contrast against their white centres as they mature with age. The leaves not only look great but taste great, with a delightfully sweet flavour from the leaf through to the stalk. This kale will also provide the crispiness you need in homecooked dishes along with its superfood nutritional values. 

It is best used for multiple cuts, as picking leaves from the bottom upwards will prolong the harvesting period. Colouration may increase when grown in colder temperatures. Height 60cm, width 45cm.

Sow indoors in trays or small pots. Grow on and transplant when seedlings are between 6-8 weeks old, planting out 50cm between plants each way. Alternatively, sow April-June, direct into a finely raked seedbed at a depth of 1cm (Germination 7-14 days). Transfer when large enough to handle leaving 50cm between plants each way. Water well if the soil is dry. Grows best in beds that have had manure added the previous autumn. Plants become more white coloured over the colder months.