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African Marigold Seeds - Mission Giant

African Marigold Seeds - Mission Giant
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Average Packet Content 20 seeds

Brighten up your borders and be the first to grow this new marigold. If you’re already a fan of marigolds then you’re going to love this one…larger flowers (up to 3” across) and heights of nearly 3’ sets the Marigold Mission Giant apart from other varieties. We’re thrilled to introduce the Marigold Mission Giant, complete with huge, beautiful heads and tight flowers.

Much bigger than other marigolds, this variety flowers 3” across, giving it a bushy appearance. Unlike other marigold varieties, these stunning blooms are resistant to poor weather too. The rock-hard acid green eye is so tightly compacted that the water sits on the top rather than soaking into the flower and rotting it.

Bright lemon yellow chrysanthemum-like flowers with stunning large 3" double blooms. Flowers start with a bright green eye and then 'puff' out into a full flower.Great for the back of a border or indoors as a cut flower - best with staking.

Growing Information

Sow in a propagator on a windowsill or in a greenhouse at around 15-20ºC using a good quality, moist compost. Cover with 6mm (½") of compost. Germination 10-21 days. Transplant seedlings, spacing out 5cm (2") apart in trays and grow on. Acclimatise plants before planting out 30cm (12") apart in a sunny position. Alternatively, sow directly outside in April-May into moist, weed-free soil.