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Catmint Seeds

Catmint Seeds
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Average Packet Content 450 seeds

Unlike other Nepeta species, this is the true catmint.

Aromatic silver-grey foliage, and white flowers finely spotted with purple. Cats will chew it, lick it, roll over in the leaves and purr! Dried flowers can be stuffed into cat toys. Said to have medicinal benefits too, including the reduction of fever and headache relief. Height 80-90cm (32-36"). HP - Hardy perennial. This plant can have some beneficial impacts on feline welfare. However, not all cats will respond in this way to catmint, some may become agressive. Cats should be supervised when offered catnip/catmint.

Growing Information

Sow your seeds in boxes or trays using a good quality seed compost. Cover lightly with sieved compost, cover and leave on a windowsill or in a greenhouse to germinate. Maintain a temperature of about 16-20°C (60-70°F). Transfer your seedlings, spacing them about 5cm (2") apart in trays and grow on before planting out in summer or autumn. Overwinter late sown plants in a well ventilated coldframe before planting out in spring. Seeds can also be direct sown in April/May in to a well raked, moist seedbed. Prefers a well-drained soil.