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Californian Poppy Seeds - Lady Marmalade

Californian Poppy Seeds - Lady Marmalade
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Average Packet Content 130 seeds

Our new Californian Poppy seeds are a brand new flower that looks just like a rose! This variety is taller than most other types (40cm) like it, making them a standout and striking addition to every garden and patio they grow in. Lady Marmalade grows masses of semi-double blooms in golden yellow shades with orange centres, and although they are rather dainty looking, they are very hardy and ideal for poor, dry soils.

If you would like a naturalised drift, this is great to let self seed. The delicate flowers are a magnet for bees and hoverflies and are spectacular for cut flowers, expanding your floral displays indoors. California poppies are super easy to grow in garden beds and flower borders, or you can try planting near veg and fruit for companion planting and pollination support.

Choose a sunny position. Sow direct into finely raked, moist, warm soil where the plants are to flower at a depth of 6mm covering the seed lightly with soil. (Germination 7-14 days). Thin seedlings in stages until they are 25-30cm apart. Alternatively, for early flowering sow seed during August/September for flowers earlier.