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Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Colour Mix

Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Colour Mix
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Dwarf French Beans are a popular choice across kitchen gardeners and the delicious colour mix has finally arrived! This colourful mix includes green, yellow and purple pods that produce high yields of extra fine beans over a long cropping period. Growing to around 40-50cm tall, Compass, Adoration and Mistik are the varieties included amongst the mix. These are ideal for those who grow in patio containers but are equally great to grow in raised beds or in the garden.

If you harvest your colourful mixture of beans on a regular basis, this will encourage more flowers to set and will prolong the season. Once harvested, these beans are great for freezing and using in a variety of homecooked dishes.

Sow in pots or trays on a windowsill or in a greenhouse using a good quality compost. Cover seeds with 25mm (1") compost. Germination 7-14 days. Grow on, planting outside or protecting with cloches until frost risk has passed, 20cm (8") between plants. Alternatively sow direct into prepared, warm, moist soil at a depth of 38mm (1½"), thinning as necessary to 20cm (8") between plants. Allow 60cm (24") between rows. Grows best in rich soil in a sunny position, pods well held above the soil. Produces slim beans over a long period if picked daily and kept well watered during dry weather.