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Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Compass

Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Compass
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Average Packet Content 150 seeds

An extra fine french bean as would be seen in the "finest" range in supermarkets. It boasts exceptional flavour and very heavy crops.

  • A super fine bean with excellent flavour
  • Very high yields


Sow in pots or trays on a windowsill or in a greenhouse using a good quality compost. Cover seeds with 25mm (1") compost. Germination 7-14 days. Grow on, planting outside or protecting with cloches until frost risk has passed, 20cm (8") between plants. Alternatively sow direct into prepared, warm, moist soil at a depth of 38mm (1½"), thinning as necessary to 20cm (8") between plants. Allow 60cm (24") between rows. Grows best in rich soil in a sunny position, pods well held above soil. Produces slim beans over a long period if picked daily and kept well watered during dry weather. Sowing to Cropping: 9-12 weeks.