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Climbing French Bean Seeds - Cobra

Climbing French Bean Seeds - Cobra
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Average Packet Content 70 seeds

The Climbing French Bean - Cobra is a huge improvement on the Blue Lake Bean variety, with vigorous plants that yield up to a third more beans! The Climbing French Bean - Cobra produces beautiful round, stringless pods that can grow up to 20cm in length. They can grow through summer all the way to autumn if the beans are picked regularly. These delicious tasting Climbing French Beans will be a family favourite on their dinner plates in no time! A perfect winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit.

Runner bean seeds need to be sown under glass in April or outdoors in May or June. They need to be planted between 15 and 23cm apart, with canes erected by each seed to support them when they begin to grow. Runner bean seeds only take 12-16 weeks to reach maturity, and then the yummy, tender beans can become the best part of your Sunday roast.