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Hydroleca Clay Granules 10ltr

Hydroleca Clay Granules 10ltr
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Formed from ceramic clay pebbles, Westland Hydroleca granules have a smooth, dense outer skin and honeycomb interior. They absorb water and release it slowly making them ideal for use as a decorative pot topper, in pots for crocking and lining greenhouse benches.

  • Decorative pot topper for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight
  • Granules absorb water and slowly release it
  • Protects from over-watering and creates a beneficial micro-climate
  • Ideal for crocking and improving humidity

Perlite, Vermiculite and Hydroleca are all very similar products and as such many people get confused about when they should be used.

Perlite – retains some water but also provides drainage, ideal for plants that need to dry out before being watered, can be used when re-potting seedlings and rooting cuttings, will loosen clay soil in the garden

Vermiculite – retains water so is ideal for plants that need to be kept moist at all times, excellent for developing strong healthy seedlings but care should be taken not to overwater

Hydroleca – formed of small baked clay balls which absorb water, commonly used in hydroponics they can be used to ensure that plants are not overwatered, placed in or under a pot they ensure that the plant roots are not sitting in water